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BrillianceCut - The new circular saw blade from Leitz

At Ligna 2017, Leitz presents the circular saw blade Brilliance Cut. It makes the workflow more efficient, grinding becomes unnecessary. The circular saw blade is especially suitable for processing transparent plastics. Leitz also presents the new knife head change system ProfilCut Q.

Leitz presents noise-reducing extraction hoods

Quiet extraction - the new DFC extraction technology from Leitz makes it possible. It not only reduces noise, but also machine wear. The DFC extraction hoods can be perfectly adjusted to tools, workpieces and machines and efficiently improve the entire production process.

"PalmwoodNet" - Sustainable use of oil palm wood

"PalmwoodNet" presents itself at LIGNA 2017. The network wants to use oil palm wood sustainably. To do so, the project partners Jowat, Leitz, Minda, Möhringer and Palmwood R+D share their expertise. They now cover the entire value chain and can thus work and process oil palm wood.

WhisperCut sawblade - High performance with a whisper

When cutting panels on table and format saws, as well as standing plate saws, the topic of noise reduction becomes increasingly important. Leitz has developed the WhisperCut circular sawblade: user-friendly and future-oriented sawing technology.

ProfilCut Q - more productive, faster, more efficient

ProfilCut Q Premium - The new cutterhead system of Leitz is the ultimate solution for companies which want to make the most of their productions.

Leitz VariPlan Plus - Changing Knives

Alessandro Telesio and Andreas Kisselbach report from the Holz-Handwerk 2014 about the latest Leitz Highlights on woodworking tools.

Leitz PlugTec window corner joint

The window corner joint PlugTec from Leitz for increased stability connected with cost-effective production.

Leitz CNC Aluminum Machining

Leitz innovative technology showing high-speed machining of aluminum, with Diamond-tipped tools [without coolant].
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